May. 02, 2007 | 09:00 AM EDT

President Bush Thanks Idol Viewers

President Bush got into the American Idol spirit in a humorous spot on Tuesday night's episode.

He and First Lady Laura Bush kicked off their taped appearance by thanking Idol viewers for helping raise $70 million for poor children during last week's Idol Gives Back charity special.

"We thank American Idol viewers who have shown the good heart of America," the president said. "We thank all the celebrities who participated, including Bono, and all the contestants who sang their hearts out for these children."

Then he turned to his wife and asked: "Say Laura, you think I ought to sing something?"

"I don't know darling, they've already seen you dance," she joked, referring to the moves he showed off last week with a West African dance troupe for Malaria Awareness Day.