VIDEO: This Halloween Prank Gives New Meaning to 'Scarecrow'

updated 10/18/2014 AT 04:55 PM EDT

originally published 10/14/2014 AT 02:55 PM EDT

Just when you thought threatening clowns and homes quite literally filled with spiders were the best things October had to offer, we'd like to bring you a video that will probably shape the way you view scarecrows from now on.

YouTube prankster Ed Bassmaster is doing his part to get people in the fall spirit by combining two prominent symbols of the season: the scarecrow, representing the harvest season, and the zombie, representing terror.

In the video, Bassmaster is dressed as a happy-go-lucky scarecrow who poses for selfies with hapless strangers ... before ripping off his hood to reveal a blood-spitting zombie face. It is, in a word, cruel. Fortunately, it is also hilarious, particularly when he's getting menaced by a man on a skateboard who wants nothing to do with a scarecrow hungry for brains.

Enjoy, and remember: Scarecrows are always hiding something.

VIDEO: This Halloween Prank Gives New Meaning to 'Scarecrow'| Halloween, Around the Web, Real People Stories

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