Elizabeth Taylor Remembered Johnny Cash's Birthday Every Year

Elizabeth Taylor Remembered Johnny Cash's Birthdays
Johnny Cash and Elizabeth Taylor
AP; Ramey

03/23/2011 AT 01:45 PM EDT

Who knew the Man in Black and the Woman in White Diamonds were pals?

Well, Rosanne Cash, for one, as evidenced by her Tweet Wednesday, the day Elizabeth Taylor died.

Revealed Johnny Cash's daughter: "Every year Elizabeth Taylor sent my dad a telegram (yes, telegram) for his birthday. It said: 'Remember, I'm younger than you!' (by 1 day)"

Rosanne Cash, 55, added, "I was with him one time when it arrived. He chuckled and showed me, said 'she sends this every year.' "

Indeed, Taylor was right. While the country giant (who died in 2003, age 71), was born Feb. 26, 1932, the screen legend made her entrance the very next day.

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