Mark Lester Presents His Case for Paris's Paternity

08/21/2009 AT 08:35 AM EDT

As he sang falsetto in the Oscar-winning 1968 Best Picture musical Oliver!, "Where Is Love?" former child actor Mark Lester, in this case, has to face the tune of "Where Is the DNA Test?"

Lester, who lays claim to being the godfather of Michael Jackson's three children as well as the sperm donor in the conception of Paris Jackson, 11 – further presented his case – while simultaneously backtracking – on Friday morning's Today show.

On the question of whether or not he is Paris Jackson's biological father, Lester said he had "no idea, and even if I was, it would make absolutely no difference to the status quo of the family."

Today a chiropractor and father of four daughters in London, Lester, 51, said that years ago in phone conversations with Jackson, the pop star sought Lester's sperm because Michael "wanted kids but was anxious about sex."

Jackson was "shy when it came to women," said Lester, who added it was difficult for his friend to perform the sexual act.

Even so, pressed interviewer Matt Lauer, why did Michael Jackson need Mark Lester's sperm?

"That I don't know," said Lester, whose original claims were made in a British tabloid report. He told Lauer that he stepped forward because "the story was going to break in any event," and he wanted to present his own case.

While Lester's ex-wife has subsequently stepped forward on her own to dispute her former spouse's declarations – Lester countered by calling her "a difficult woman" – Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, has said Lester's claims are not in the best interests of her grandchildren.

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