What Millions of You Had to Say about Sexy Man Adam Levine

Adam Levine: Sexiest Man Alive Facebook Reactions, Top 10 Words Associated
Adam Levine
Nino Munoz

11/22/2013 AT 01:30 PM EST

It turns out you are one savvy group of Sexiest Man Alive readers. When it was announced Tuesday that Adam Levine was PEOPLE's latest big winner, more than 4 million of you saw our post on Facebook, where we shared a very sexy photo of this very sexy guy.

How did you respond to the announcement? Well, as the graphic shows, with a lot of gracious words including "hot," "handsome" and, of course, "sexy." But you also zeroed in on the man's talents and those piercing hazel eyes.

Those of you especially interested? Fans from Texas, California, New Jersey, New York and Florida (you know who you are!).

Find out more about the announcement in the graphic above, and find even more sexiness right here.

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