Brad Paisley's Lady Confusion: Is that Gaga or Antebellum?

CMA Awards 2010: Brad Paisley's Lady Gaga/Lady Antebellum Joke
Lady Antebellum and Lady Gaga
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11/10/2010 AT 09:20 PM EST

Brad Paisley, who was hosting the CMA Awards with Carrie Underwood, had most everything under control: funny stage patter, his acoustic guitar and his natural sense of humor.

But as Underwood raved Wednesday night about "what a year it has been for the women of country music," Paisley broadened the conversation – landing one of the night's earliest (and funniest) gags.

"Speaking of the word 'lady,' " Paisley said, looking right at Lady Antebellum, "You guys, I'll tell you what: You're setting the world on fire. You're so fantastic. Your songs are amazing. I can't get them out of my head."

With that, he picked out the first few notes of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," adding some country-fried twang.

"Just what lady do you think you're talking about?" Underwood said.

Quipped Paisley: "Lady Gaga – they're my favorite." Then he started singing her hit "Alejandro."

"You are embarrassing yourself," Underwood playfully jabbed. "That is Lady Antebellum, and what you're singing is Lady Gaga."

"You sure?" he replied. "Are you guys gonna wear your meat suits at least?"

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