PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Past Cover Poll

PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Past Cover Poll
Clockwise from top left: Lopez, Applegate, Hudson, Barrymore, Jolie and Roberts

04/24/2012 AT 02:35 PM EDT

Countless gorgeous and fascinating women have graced the pages of PEOPLE – and every year one stands out for beauty that shines both inside and out.

Whoever is honored this year with the World's Most Beautiful PEOPLE cover (to be revealed Wednesday!) will have such rarefied company as: a glowing Jennifer Lopez, the charming Christina Applegate, a radiant Kate Hudson, the always down-to-earth Drew Barrymore, a stunning Angelina Jolie, and happy mom Julia Roberts.

But who's the fairest of them all? Which beauty has just that little extra bit of elegance that makes her the most beautiful woman since 2005? Vote:

PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Cover Stars

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