Buckingham Palace Turned into Jelly

04/25/2011 AT 11:00 AM EDT

Sam Bompas will be remembered as the man who brought jiggle to Buckingham Palace.

Actually, make that a gelatin mold in the shape of the royal residence. And while the towers of Westminster Abbey somehow prevented him from likewise immortalizing the cathedral in a jelly mold – jelly being the British term for what we Americans call Jell-O – Bompas, author of the book Jellymongers, certainly seems undaunted in all matters pertaining to jelly.

Standing in front of the palace on Monday, he presented his expertise on the Today show, along with some special jelly molds in honor of this Friday's Royal Wedding. He also offered Today host Meredith Vieira some liquor-infused jelly, which she did not refuse.

"We've gone on a crazy jelly adventure," said Bompas, sporting a bowtie and an uncharacteristic (for an Englishman) short-sleeved shirt. But then, London temps have been warm and sunny the past week, in contrast to the winds and rain so far forecast for Friday.

Providing Vieira with a brief history of jelly, Bompas – co-founder of London's made-to-order jelly-making company, Bompas & Parr – said King Henry VIII enjoyed the dish for both his first and second courses. He did not note that Henry VIII certainly looked like he ate double portions of everything.

And while Prince William and Kate Middleton at first wished to distance themselves from this shaky tradition, said Bompas, they eventually ended up succumbing to its delights.

Or, as Bompas prefers to put it, "The universal joy of jelly."

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