Kate Middleton's Wedding Vows: Did the Couple Write Their Own?

Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton, Prince William's Wedding Vows
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04/27/2011 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Is it part of a wedding reading? Her actual wedding vows?

No one knows for sure, but photos of Kate Middleton driving away from her family home in Bucklebury on Wednesday reveal a glimpse of paper in the back seat – with what appears to be a poetic passage on it.

The lines include one that appears to read: "With so much love within our hearts." The rest of the passage is largely obscured.

A Google search for that line reveals little – which would seem to imply that it's an original passage composed specifically for Kate's wedding to Prince William on Friday.

If the lines are from the wedding vows, then perhaps William and Kate personally wrote the vows themselves. They could also be from a reading that the couple has chosen – though if so, its source is unclear.

Given the secrecy of the preparations, the couple are unlikely to shed much light on the passage. We may have to wait until Friday morning for the answer.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Vows: Did the Couple Write Their Own?| Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince William

Kate Middleton leaves her parents Bucklebury home

Solar Pix / Pacific Coast News

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