Prince William and Catherine Middleton's Wedding Cake

Royal Wedding: The Cake Served at Queen's Reception
Royal wedding cake
John Stilwell/AP

04/29/2011 AT 11:45 AM EDT

Baking a cake fit for a royal wedding is no piece of cake, but now that the goods are out of the oven, it looks like the hard work paid off.

The Palace released pictures of two confections Prince William and Catherine Middleton will enjoy Friday afternoon on its official Flickr page: an eight-tier wedding cake and William's favorite chocolate-cookie cake.

The wedding cake – a traditional fruitcake made by Fiona Cairns – is adorned with over 900 leaf and floral touches and is topped with the couple's new cipher.

Additionally, the cake reflects the room in which it is displayed, featuring a garland design around the middle which matches the architecture featured at the top of the Picture Gallery in Buckingham Palace.

A second treat, a chocolate biscuit cake requested by Prince William, was prepared by McVitie's Cake Company from a Royal Family recipe and will also be served.

The Queen's reception is expected to include the cutting of the wedding cake, as well as speeches celebrating the newlyweds.

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