Zara Phillips Is Too Busy for a Honeymoon

Zara Phillips, Mike TIndall Married -- but No Honeymoon
Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips

08/03/2011 AT 10:35 AM EDT

Perhaps newlywed Zara Phillips is taking a cue from her cousin Prince William when it comes to her honeymoon with husband Mike Tindall.

Just as William delayed his wedding trip with Duchess Catherine to the, Phillips is crediting her and Tindall's busy schedules for their delay in taking a wedding trip.

"We're kind of missing the quiet period where we can catch up and have some sleep," Phillips, 30, who on Saturday wed the captain of England's rugby team, 32, in Edinburgh, tells the Associated Press.

Instead of soaking up newlywed life, Phillips, a former equestrian world champion, went back to business Tuesday and launched a line of children's equestrian apparel.

Phillips, who does not use a royal title, is keeping her maiden name for professional and sponsorship purposes, she says, but will use her husband's last name for personal matters.
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