Prince Charles Delivers the Weather Report on the BBC

Prince Charles BBC Weather Report
Prince Charles

05/10/2012 AT 10:40 AM EDT

This afternoon it will be "cold, wet and windy" across Scotland – the normal lines for a weather forecaster in blustery Scotland in spring, perhaps.

But bringing smiles to the faces of surprised viewers – and a new voice to weather announcements – was Prince Charles, who appeared on the BBC at lunchtime to deliver the weather report.

Charles (or Duke of Rothesay as he is known in Scotland) was visiting BBC Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow and toured the studios with Camilla as part of their annual week of official engagements in Scotland.

And Charles used the chance to make special mention of the weather at royal residences in the country. Happily for Scottish viewers, he had some good news for the far north, where there would be some "hazy sunshine."

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