See Kate's Personal Jungle Photos

  • The Duchess of Cambridge's photo of the jungle, close to the Danum Valley research station in the rainforest of Borneo
    HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, 2012
  • Kate's photo of Mount Kinabalu, the highest point in Borneo, taken on her way to the Solomon Islands with Prince William
    HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, 2012
  • The Duchess's photo of an endangered Borneo orangutan
    HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, 2012
  • A photo Kate took of a palm oil plantation from the air on her way with Prince William to the Royal Society research station in Sabah, Malaysia
    HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, 2012
  • A photo Kate took during a private jungle walk in Borneo
    HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, 2012

11/21/2012 AT 09:15 AM EST

Kate's got a great eye!

The Duchess of Cambridge is showing off a set of arty photographs she took while in the rainforest of Borneo on a recently revamped website for the royal couple.

The photos were taken when she and husband Prince William toured Asia in September. Sadly, for royal fans hoping for close-up shots of the prince, 30, there are none.

Instead, Kate, 30, focused on an endangered orangutan hanging in the tree, a mountain peak rising above the clouds, a palm plantation from above and several shots of the Borneo rainforest vegetation.

The photos underline the royal couple's desire to highlight the threatened environment they visited. "Thousands of species of flowering plants, trees, terrestrial mammals and birds can be found in these vast canopies, but they are under serious pressure from commerce and changing weather patterns," one caption reads.

Kate took the pictures in the immediate aftermath of the couple learning that topless photos of the Duchess had been published in France.

Her photos – some of them black and white – were posted on the website a day after personal photos of RAF helicopter pilot William at work on his military base in North Wales.

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