Royal Baby Birth Announcement: How It Happened

  • Ed Perkins carries the envelope containing the royal birth announcement
    Tim Rooke/Rex USA
  • Ed Perkins hands off the royal birth announcement
  • Ailsa Anderson posts the official birth announcement
  • The official birth announcement
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  • Tony Appleton
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07/22/2013 AT 06:15 PM EDT

It all went off without a hitch.

Despite a last-minute change regarding the timing of the birth announcement – a press release went out before the signed bulletin left the hospital – the arrival of the royal baby proceeded according to plan Tuesday.

After the official announcement from Kensington Palace at 8:31 p.m. London time, cheers were heard spontaneously breaking out among the crowd gathered around the hospital.

Soon after, Prince William and Kate's press secretary Ed Perkins came down the hospital steps and handed the official birth notice off. With the notice encased in a red leather folder embossed with the Buckingham Palace emblem, the orderly and a police officer drove from St. Mary's Hospital to the Palace in a blue Jaguar.

Having arrived, the orderly passed the notice to Queen Elizabeth's press secretary Ailsa Anderson, who posted the proclamation on an easel for the world to see.

"Three cheers for Kate and William and the little Prince," called out a voice. "Hip hip hurrah," the crowd answered three times. The electric energy stayed in the air late into the evening as crowds filtered through for their chance to see the easel.

Back at the hospital, traditionally-dressed town crier Tony Appleton appeared on the steps to announce the birth as well-wishers poured in and official statements began to be made.

Prince Charles tells the press he is "overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild" and the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are "delighted" at the delivery. New father William says he and Kate "could not be happier."


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