Princess Diana's Death: Police Reviewing New Information

Princess Diana's Death: Police Reviewing New Information
Princess Diana
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updated 08/18/2013 AT 10:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/17/2013 AT 02:40 PM EDT

British police say they are examining newly received information relating to the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, and that officers are assessing the information's "relevance and credibility."

Scotland Yard declined to provide details about the information relating to the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, only saying Saturday in a statement that the assessment will be carried out by officers from its specialist crime and operations unit.

The force stressed that it was not reopening the investigation into the 1997 deaths of Diana and Fayed, who were killed in a car crash in Paris.

The Telegraph reports detectives were looking into claims Diana was murdered by a member of the British military. For years conspiracy theorists have advanced such allegations, but they had not been looked into by police until this time, according to The Telegraph, which called the move "unprecedented."

In 2008, a British jury ruled that Diana, the Princess of Wales, and her companion, Fayed, were unlawfully killed due to reckless speed and drinking by their driver, and by the reckless pursuit of paparazzi chasing them.
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