Royal Dog Lupo Is the Star of a New Children's Book Series

05/12/2014 AT 08:50 AM EDT

He may not get quite the same number of column inches with Prince George now stealing the spotlight, but a certain cocker spaniel is set to be very much back in fans' minds – via print.

Prince William and Kate's little Lupo is set to become a fictional hero, as he takes the starring role in a series of children's books.

In the books, adventurous Lupo has to summon up all his courage as he tackles treachery and deception and even comes to blows with a "dastardly corgi" called Vulcan, according to a press release for the books by author Aby King.

King, who has her own cocker spaniel named Lilly, which she sometimes walks in Kensington Gardens close to the palace, says in a statement, “I’d seen in the papers that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge now had their very own Lilly, and I started to think about what life as a royal puppy, with palaces and parks at your disposal, might be like.

"Over the next few months, the idea never strayed far from my mind. I began to see the scope for mystery and adventure – secret passageways and tunnels in royal palaces, portals to other times."

The first book, Lupo and the Secret of Windsor Castle, is due out in September. In it, the puppy is accused of a crime he did not commit – an attack on a precious swan.

As far as we know, the real-life Lupo – who Prince William and wife Kate say came from a litter born to one of her parents' spaniels – likely hasn't got into the same scrapes.

His life has been far more sedate and luxurious. Apart from joining Kate for park walks, he has visited polo games and posed for glossy family portraits at the palace.

Royal Dog Lupo Is the Star of a New Children's Book Series| Lupo, The British Royals, Kate Middleton, Prince William

Aby King and Lilly

Courtesy Aby King

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