6 of Lindsay Lohan's On-Screen Love Interests We Secretly Want Her to End Up With

04/12/2016 AT 06:10 PM EDT

Despite reports claiming that Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend of seven months, Russian business heir Egor Tarabasov, had popped the question this weekend, PEOPLE has confirmed these rumors are false. And, honestly, we're a little bit relieved.

While we would have been happy for Lohan, we did have some other people in mind for her … namely, six of her charismatic co-stars.

That's right. We continue to not-so-secretly ship her with the following people.

1. Jonathan Bennett, a.k.a. Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls

The chemistry here is undeniable. Also … Bennett's eyebrows are perfection. 

2. Chad Michael Murray, a.k.a. Jake in Freaky Friday



The fact that Murray could pull off a middle-parted bob in this film is proof enough that he would make a worthy husband.

3. Chris Pine, a.k.a. Jake in Just My Luck


Girl has a thing for characters named Jake.

4. This car, a.k.a. Herbie in Herbie Fully Loaded

What can we say? It's a very sleek vehicle!

5. Bug Hall, a.k.a. Jack Downey in Get a Clue

If you forgot about this 2002 Disney Channel Original Movie, you made a huge mistake.

Look, he has a beard now!

6. Tyra Banks, a.k.a. Eve in Life Size

We know unions between dolls and people are untraditional, but … these gifs illustrate exactly why Eve is perfect for Lohan.





Seeing as Lohan's rep tells PEOPLE that the actress is not, in fact, engaged ... there's still hope for all six of these romances to work.
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