Michael Strahan Has 'Called and Texted' Kelly Ripa amid Live! Drama, as Source Says Staffers Are 'Flying Blind'

04/22/2016 AT 01:45 PM EDT

Michael Strahan has been continuously trying to reach out to his Live! co-host Kelly Ripa in the wake of the news that she felt "betrayed" by his move to Good Morning America, but she has not been receptive, sources tell PEOPLE.

"Michael has called her and reached out to her and texted her and she is not acknowledging him," a source says, adding that Ripa, 45, has gone radio silent when it comes to discussing her plans with ABC executives.

"She's not engaging with management," the source tells PEOPLE.

A source close to Strahan, 44, confirms Ripa "has not called him back. She won't get back to him. He total understands why she's upset. He gets it. And he hopes she will come back. He feels bad about this for her."

Ripa, sources told PEOPLE, was "beyond hurt and feeling betrayed" after executives and Strahan, 44, broke the news to her Tuesday that her co-host would be taking a full time job with GMA. In the boardroom, she was extremely angry. She had planned to take Thursday, Friday and Monday off to celebrate her 20th anniversary with her family, but, says a source, canceled her trip to Turks & Caicos at the last minute.

"Everybody was quite surprised by her reaction," the source says. "They knew she would not be pleased [to see Strahan leave], but they could not have imagined that it would be that tense."

A source close to Ripa explained her anger as being about the way the situation was handled.

"She was told at the same time as the rest of the world was learning via press release, and she was told in a room full of suits, and Strahan just sat there, mostly mute," says the Ripa source.

"How do you not have the [courage] to at least go and say: 'Listen, I want to talk to you about something,' – ideally months ago when this all started, so she'd have time to adjust to the idea – but at the very least, how do you not do it before 10:30 a.m. [Tuesday]?" the Ripa source went on. "That is just cowardice."

"He could have said something, and he should have said something," adds the Ripa source. "This is not about him taking a new job. It's about him being duplicitous ... about not including her."

But Now, as Ripa continues to stay silent in the wake of the drama, Live! staffers are beginning to worry.

"Naturally there is going to be uncertainty," another insider told PEOPLE. "This signaled that management didn't care about people on the show. Any issues should be directed at them." The source says, "[Ripa] cares a lot about this show. She has been the one who has been most committed to this show. She went thru this process for him to be there. Her dedication has been unwavering."

Ripa "has been in touch with the people on her show," the insider adds, and that "she's deliberately taking time to herself."

Though Ana Gasteyer stepped in for her on Wednesday, and Erin Andrews co-hosted Thursday and Friday, with Shay Mitchell due to sit in on Monday, "nobody knows if she will return to work Tuesday or not, and the people are very nervous. They’re flying blind," says the source. "The longer she stays silent the more concerned they get."

While the source confirms that Live! is contracted through 2020, with Ripa under contract for at least another year, the future of the show remains unclear.

"Her name is on that show. If she doesn't come back, they don't know what will happen," says the source. "People don't think she won't come back. But under what terms does that have to happen? They don't know what she wants."

Live! With Kelly and Michael airs weekdays (check local listings).
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