Jacob Tremblay and Abraham Attah Narrowly Avoid a Dinosaur Attack Ahead of the Oscars

02/27/2016 AT 02:00 PM EST

There is apparently no limit to how adorable Jacob Tremblay's Instagram account can be.

The 9-year-old Room star posted a clip on Friday from a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood with Beasts of No Nation's Abraham Attah.

"#AbrahamAttah and I almost got eaten today!" Tremblay captioned the video, in which a fake dinosaur attempts to take a bite out of the dynamic duo as they smile for the camera.

Both Tremblay and Attah, 15, are slated to present at Sunday's Academy Awards. The pair previously hung out together at the Weinstein Company/Netflix Screen Actors Guild Awards afterparty in January, when Tremblay tried to convince Attah to join him in dancing along to Justin Bieber's "Sorry."

Attah, who was cast as a child soldier in Beasts after director Cary Fukunaga discovered him playing soccer in Ghana, has also traveled the world after his acclaimed performance, from the Venice Film Festival (where he picked up the Marcello Mastroianni award for best new young actor) to critics' awards.

Jacob Tremblay and Abraham Attah Narrowly Avoid a Dinosaur Attack Ahead of the Oscars| Academy Awards, Oscars 2016, Room, Movie News

Abraham Attah (left) and Jacob Tremblay

John Sciulli / Getty

Tremblay's Instagram is a well-documented goldmine of cuteness, featuring snaps of the pint-sized actor posing with acting heavyweights from Leonardo DiCaprio to Johnny Depp, channeling his Room costar Brie Larson and proving once and for all that he actually does keep his Critics' Choice Award next to his Millennium Falcon.
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