Spencer Pratt Live-Tweeted the Oscars and Here's What He Thought

02/29/2016 AT 12:25 AM EST

During the Grammys, we were proud to bring you Spencer Pratt's Thoughts About the Grammys.

Spencer Pratt Live-Tweeted the Oscars and Here's What He Thought| Academy Awards, Oscars 2016, Spencer Pratt

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But they were a paltry few compared to his thoughts about the Academy Awards. Spencer Pratt live-tweeted pretty much the entirety of the 2016 Academy Awards, and we are so, so proud to let you know what he thought of them. Academy of Arts and Sciences, if you could please take notes for next year's ceremony? (Please note this is only a selection – the greatest hits, if you will.)

First off: A positive note.

Thoughts on the women of the red carpet:

And on the men:

And on Brie Larson:

And on Russell Crowe:

And on Sam Smith's performance:

And on Kylie Jenner and crystals:

Actually, he might have a point with this:

Come to think of it, this too:

This is kind of a controversial opinion, though:

This has been a selection of Spencer Pratt's thoughts on the 88th Annual Academy Awards. Thank you.

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