Here's How to Look Like One of Our World's Most Beautiful

Makeup Tutorials: World's Most Beautiful Women
Source: Rachelleea/YouTube

04/21/2016 AT 04:55 PM EDT

It'll take a little more effort than your five minute foundation and mascara routine, but yes, the right makeup can turn you into a dead ringer for one of our gorgeous World's Most Beautiful ladies.

Take notes from these dedicated artists' transformations and celeb-inspired tutorials, and then go forth and beautify.


We could totally be an Adele impersonator as long as no one ever asks us to sing. Ever.

Jennifer Lopez

Her makeup comes with those dance moves, right? Right?

Taylor Swift

We're chill about this ... it's not like we've spent most of our lives dreaming about looking like Swift or anything.

Charlize Theron in Snow White & The Huntsman

You know, just in case you're not feeling bold enough for her Mad Max style.


Zendaya never fails to provide makeup inspo – that glow!

Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Heads up, Kylo Ren. You've got more than one Rey on your hands now.

Selena Gomez

Started from the bottom, now we Selena.
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