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What's Rihanna listening to? Find out what's on her iPod, plus more from Zach Braff, Kat McPhee, Jon Bon Jovi and others


"My biggest summertime song is [Don Henley's] 'Boys of Summer,'" says the singer. "I just love the lyrical content. I just remember it coming out and wishing I had written it." Here's what else is on his summer playlist:

• "[My song] 'Livin' on a Prayer' ... Coast to coast at this point, you're gonna hear that song at a bar. I've heard it a lot lately, which is cool."
• "'School's Out' by Alice Cooper – that's the summer anthem that my wife blares from her car every year that my kids get out of school."
• "Beach Boys' 'Wouldn't It Be Nice.' You gotta throw the Beach Boys on a summer playlist!"
• "Any AC/DC song. It reminds me of my youth."