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Meet the All-Star Cast of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

From Rob Mariano to Cirie Fields and – you guessed it! – Russell Hantz, see the good and bad guys competing in the show's 20th edition


Occupation: TV personality
Past appearances: Marquesas; All-Stars (runner-up)
His M.O.: Can Boston Rob really be considered a runner-up if he ended up married to the winner? Rob proposed to Amber Brkich during the finale of All-Stars in 2004, and since then the couple has appeared on as many Amazing Race editions as Survivors. But most important to Rob is the title of Dad to Lucia Rose, the couple's first child. "It's good training for Survivor, the baby," Rob says. "You're up every three hours and she's crying and whining all the time. [It's] like these people out here!"