Most Beautiful 2009

Bad Hair Days and More: Stars' Biggest Beauty Blunders

Terrible dye jobs! Waxing gone wrong! Even the hottest stars have bad beauty days. Check out the embarrassing tales from Carrie, Miley, Leighton, Rihanna and more!


"I had a facial and I wasn't used to getting them. It was right before I filmed the video for 'Umbrella.' They gave me this peel – [the facialist] was like, 'Oh yeah, you should do a peel,' and I'm like, 'Okay, yeah, of course, I'll do a peel.' I didn't have any idea what it was. My skin was so sensitive and irritated, and when I went to do the video, the makeup started to burn me so badly. It started to really, really, really burn. We just had to blow it and fan it. It burned until it couldn't burn anymore."