New Year, New You in 2016

Celeb Weight-Loss Winners!

Kelly Osbourne's DWTS slim-down! John Goodman's 100-lb. weight loss! See how these stars battled the bulge – and won!


Best known for his self-deprecating humor, the star (who weighed 262 lbs. at his heaviest) wasn't laughing about his declining health. "I always thought I was going to die before I was 60," he admitted to Parade. "My father died of a heart attack in his 40s...The writing was on the wall." In an effort to save his life, the Price Is Right host traded in his "daily hamburger" in favor of moderation and an active lifestyle, resulting in an 80-lb. weight loss. "I feel like I have my whole life back," he said. "I could live to be 100 now."