The Royals

Princess Diana's Boys: William & Harry Now

Like mother, like sons. The late Princess's boys continue the causes she held so dear


THEN: Diana found a new friend in 4-year-old Camila Fiocco when she visited Northwick Park Hospital in July 1997. "She did not go on to another ward without insisting on speaking to every child and there were three wards." Michael Cole, chief executive of the hospital trust, said of her visit. "She was very warm, compassionate and caring."

NOW: Carrying his mother's mantle, Harry checks in with Samantha Ledster, 11, in the oncology department of London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. "It wasn't just a one-off thing," said Harry, who made the trip on his 18th birthday. "I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. I always wanted to do it, but especially after my mother died."