The Royals

Princess Diana's Boys: William & Harry Now

Like mother, like sons. The late Princess's boys continue the causes she held so dear


THEN: Diana cuddled a tot during a visit to an orthopedic center for landmine victims in Luanda, Angola, in 1997. "There was not much hope for me or my country then," mine victim Sandra Tigica said recently. ''But Diana turned that around. "Because of her, Angola was able to get help from the world."

NOW: It's William's turn to play nursemaid, cradling 3-week-old Sina Nuru in the Winnicott Baby Unit at London's St. Mary's Hospital, where years earlier, a disguised Diana secretly visited new mothers and premature infants. Nurse Ann Mason observed, "He was very at ease with the babies. He's got the same touch as [his mother], the same manner."