The Royals

Where to Travel If You Want to Travel Like a Royal

From snow to sun, royals around the world are jetting off to these destinations


First discovered by his great-aunt Princess Margaret back when she built a villa on the island as a wedding gift for her husband, Lord Snowdon, Mustique is now a go-to spot for Prince William and Princess Kate. Now, travelers can rent her villa, Les Jolies Eaux, for a whooping $18,000 a week. And that's not the island's only royal connection – the Middleton family loves it, too. They make an annual pilgrimage there for Carole Middleton's birthday in late January, with Will and Kate typically tagging along. They've also been for "babymoons" before the births of both of their children, staying at the luxurious Aurora House. It's an especially idyllic setting for the private couple: There's a no-fly zone over the island.