Best of 2010

Star Love: The Year That Could Have Been

Brad & Jen! Tom & Nicole! See which Hollywood couples would have celebrated milestone 20th, 30th and even 70th anniversaries in 2010


Anniversary that wasn't: 70th
The world couldn't get enough of the ditzy redhead and her singing Cuban husband on the iconic '50s show I Love Lucy. In reality, Ball and Arnaz had been married years earlier (on Nov. 30, 1940) and created the series to spend more time together and have a family, eventually welcoming Lucie and Desi Jr. But work – and Arnaz's infidelity – took their toll, and the couple divorced in 1960. Still, the duo remained friends. In his autobiography, Desi wrote of Lucy, "All I can say is that I loved her very much and, in my own peculiar way, I will always love her."