Best of 2010

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From the Bed Intruder and "Sad Keanu" to the Double Rainbow Guy, see what kept you logged on


Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife if you haven't heard about the biggest Internet star of the year! While being interviewed about his sister's attack in Alabama's Lincoln Park projects, Dodson delivered a passionate tirade – which went viral almost instantly. But it wasn't until the Gregory Brothers (of Auto-Tune the News fame) remixed his outburst that Dodson become a bona fide cewebrity. The "Bed Intruder Song" hit Billboard's Hot 100 list – with ATN and Dodson splitting the profits – and Dodson smartly capitalized on it: He performed the tune at the BET Hip Hop Awards, sold a "Bed Intruder Costume" and endorsed a "Sex Offender Tracker" app. You can run and tell dat!