Celebrating Oprah

Oprah Winfrey's All-Star Entourage

From her political allies to her Hollywood pals, meet Oprah's tight-knit inner circle


Over the years Oprah has perfected her look, thanks to Hurliman, whose job is to dress the icon three minutes before show time. "I've come to learn that to Oprah, it's just like walking out to any normal job ... there's just more important things to get done in a day," she says. But after six years and countless outfits, Hurliman does have her favorites, like the Celine red suit Oprah wore for the 2004 season premiere show in which she gave away Pontiacs to audience members. "She knew everyone in the audience would be receiving a key ring with a red bow," says Hurliman. "When that picture was shown around the world, of her sitting on top of the car in the red suit, it was brilliant."