Gorgeous at Any Age

Flashback: It Girls Then & Wow!

Time seems to have stood still for Bo Derek, Ashley Judd and Keri Russell and more age-defying faces of the '80s and '90s


Has she found the "fuente" of youth? The always fashionable former MTV veejay (seen left in 1994 and right in 2013) was omnipresent during the channel’s heyday, from hosting House of Style to releasing her own fitness video. Credit her unchanging beauty to the power of positivity: Fuentes, who currently hosts the Telemundo singing competiton La Voz Kids, says part of her routine is to "end the day on a really positive note. As I wash everything off I try to wash everything out of my mind as well. It really helps, you get a relaxing, restful sleep and you’re in a positive frame [of] mind."