Summer Olympics 2012

12 Hot Male Olympians

Talent, swagger and good looks too – see why it's so game on for these elite medal contenders of the London Games


Sport: Judo
Nicknamed "Teddy Bear" both because of his affable personality and his imposing size – he's 6 ft., 8 in., and 310 lbs. – Guadeloupe-born Riner dominates the world of judo, having taken gold at a record-breaking six straight world championships (and bronze at the Beijing Olympics). He is currently the No. 1-ranked judoka in the world, and also happens to have been the youngest world champion on record, earning his first gold at the age of 18. But it's Olympic gold he's after in London. "It is the only medal I want," the 23-year-old told the AP. "I've been preparing for this for four years."