Winter Olympics 2014

Olympics Ice Skating Stars: Where Are They Now?

These ice queens captured the world's attention – but where have they skated off to?


Olympic moment: After winning gold for East Germany in 1984 and 1988, she skated in 1994 – finishing seventh – for a reunified Germany, paying tribute to the war-torn city of Sarajevo, where she first captured gold 10 years earlier
Today: A sports event producer, TV host and actress at home in Berlin, Witt starred as a stalked skater in a 2012 German TV movie – and having quit the ice in 2008, had to train six months for a single minute of choreography. Though each of her Olympics "has their own magic," she says, the 1994 experience carried a special poignancy. "For the first time ever," she says, "my parents were able to be there and watch."