Winter Olympics 2014

Olympics Ice Skating Stars: Where Are They Now?

These ice queens captured the world's attention – but where have they skated off to?


Olympic moment: Silver in 1984, after three national and one world championship
Today: "I don't skate, I don't teach, I don't commentate. I don't really have anything to do with skating anymore, which is kind of nice," says Sumners, who married in 2004 and now works in interior design after stints in home building and running retail shops. As an original Stars on Ice cast member, she says, "I don't miss the athletic part. But I miss the performing." She was back on the ice for a tribute show broadcast earlier this month, and says that afterward, "the pants were feeling kind of different," forcing her to reconsider a return to skating as exercise: "It's good for the old bum!"