Winter Olympics 2014

Olympics Ice Skating Stars: Where Are They Now?

These ice queens captured the world's attention – but where have they skated off to?


Olympic moment: A two-time Olympian, finishing fourth in 1992 and eighth in 1994, Harding was banned from the sport after pleading guilty to learning details of Kerrigan's attack afterward and not reporting it
Today: Long divorced from the husband at the center of the 1994 controversy, Harding remarried in 2010 for a third time, and has a young son. "She seems to love being a mom," says filmmaker Nanette Burstein, who spent time with Harding for the recent ESPN documentary The Price of Gold. "But I think it's always hard for her. She's always going to be known as the woman who was somehow involved in the whack heard 'round the world." Says Harding in the film: "Just having my life with my husband and my son, that's what I need, and want, and have."