PEOPLE Magazine 40th Anniversary

40 Years Later: Headline Makers
Then & Now

Who was making news in 1974, the year PEOPLE published its first issue? From Stephen King to Barbara Walters to Hank Aaron, look back at who filled our pages then – and find out what they're doing today


1974: By 1974, the face of the women's lib movement and cofounder of Ms. magazine was attempting to downplay her role as the spokesperson for her gender. "None of us [feminist leaders] should do this for more than three years," Steinem, 40, said in a PEOPLE interview that year. "I've had all the ideas I'll have in this spot."
2014: Forty years later, Steinem still has ideas and is still the most recognized activist for women's rights. In fact, she recently stood up for Jennifer Aniston. Referring to the unmarried, childless actress's much-debated personal life, the 80-year-old Steinem said, "I can say whatever it is that I feel. But because of her art… it's more difficult for an actor like Jennifer to be understood as a unique human being."