PEOPLE Magazine 40th Anniversary

40 Years Later: Headline Makers
Then & Now

Who was making news in 1974, the year PEOPLE published its first issue? From Stephen King to Barbara Walters to Hank Aaron, look back at who filled our pages then – and find out what they're doing today


1974: Though he was originally only a minor character on the '50s-themed TV series Happy Days, which began airing in January 1974, Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli became the must-see member of the Cunningham crew. Winkler's portrayal of the leather-jacketed greaser/biker/mentor – he had equal measures of cool and charm – turned the 28-year-old actor into an overnight star. "My career has gone so fast my brain hasn't absorbed it all," he admitted to PEOPLE in 1976.
2014: A fixture on episodic TV, Winkler, 68, has had recurring roles on series including Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development and Royal Pains. He is also the cowriter of a children's book series, Hank Zipzer, which became a BBC TV show in 2014.