World's Most Beautiful

PEOPLE's Most Beautiful Women: Then & Now

See the gorgeous icons who've earned the coveted title – and find out how they've gotten more gorgeous with time


Most Beautiful 2001: Zeta-Jones has made no secret that looking good takes effort. "I think beauty is a gift that you have to make the most of," she said. "I've worked hard at trying to look my best." She had a little help: night moisturizer. "Sometimes I look like a seal because I'm so lathered in the stuff."
Now: At 46, Zeta-Jones is still a stunner. "Beauty comes from within," she told Australian Vogue, "[and] with a little help from our friends, it makes it even better." Those "friends" include the honey and sugar she uses to moisturize and exfoliate her entire body. "You wash it off and your skin is gorgeous," she said.