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7 Comedians Who Have (Hilariously) Debunked Beauty Standards

Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and more comedians who are sick and tired of the absurd beauty standards women face 


On Twitter, Peretti called entertainment industry standards "a lil mentally ill at worst and boring at best – lots of diff kinds of beauty." Of being a stand-up comedian, Peretti refuses to stay silent about the unique challenges facing women on the stage: "People ask me all the time what it's like to be a female comedian. And I tell them, 'I'd be telling a joke. And then I have a pussy. And then I tell a really good joke and the audience loves it. And I still have a pussy! And then I tell a bad one and the audience doesn't like it. And guess what? I still have the same set of genitals.'"