World's Most Beautiful

7 Comedians Who Have (Hilariously) Debunked Beauty Standards

Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and more comedians who are sick and tired of the absurd beauty standards women face 


"I know some of those women in those magazines who get called perfect or whose butt is supposedly better, and often they don't even look like that in person," The Boss actress said. "What people pass off as 'normal,' I just have to keep in my head that it's bull––––." On the red carpet, she told Refinery 29, "I think every time I take a baby step, someone says, "We've done incredible polling with plus-size women, and they actually love the convenience of going upstairs in their own department.' And I'm like, 'Really? They like being segregated? … Do they want to be by the tires or do they want to shop with their friends?'"