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Meghan Trainor, Padma Lakshmi and 10 More Stars Who Pushed Back on Photoshopping

These honest celebs wanted fans to know what real really looks like


After accidentally posting a Photoshopped image of her Tonight Show visit on Instagram, the UFC champ issued an apology and declared her anti-altering views. "I have to make an apology to everyone," she wrote. "I was sent a picture to share on social for Fallon that was altered without me knowing to make my arms look smaller. I won't say by who – I know it was done with severely misplaced positive intentions – but this goes against everything I believe and I am extremely proud of every inch of my body. And I can assure you all it will never happen again. I could not be more appalled and hope you all forgive me." In the post, Rousey included a side-by-side comparison of the original photo and the slimmed-down shot in question.