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Meghan Trainor, Padma Lakshmi and 10 More Stars Who Pushed Back on Photoshopping

These honest celebs wanted fans to know what real really looks like


Trainor is "so sick" of photoshopping – so sick, in fact, that she took down her "Me Too" music video because "they Photoshopped the crap out of me," she told her fans on Snapchat. "I'm over it, so I had them take it down until they fix it," she added. Trainor went on to say that she had "never approved" the version that went up. Clearly, the video, which she said showed a much smaller version of her waist, really upset her: She captioned one of her snaps "Cried all morning lol hate them." But you can't keep Trainor down for long: She revealed on Watch What Happens Live that she had approved a new version, sans Photoshopping.