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Feb. 06, 2007 | 02:00 PM EST

No Khakis for Ellen – the Oscar Host Is Going Glam

Oscar fans brace yourselves: Ellen DeGeneres just may pull a Beyoncé. The ultra-casual talk-show host will leave her khakis and sneakers at home Feb. 25 when she helms the Oscars, thanks to names like Gucci, and is – ready for this? – considering multiple outfit changes.

"Everybody's sending me stuff," she tells W magazine in its March issue. "Gucci sent me this amazing package with all kinds of different designs and different fabrics, in a beautiful box with my name engraved in gold plate. I picked some fabrics ... They're making me something. Zac Posen made me a gorgeous tuxedo. Viktor & Rolf is making me something. ... I wasn't planning on changing because it's just different suits, but I may do it, because I'd like to thank them all for making me stuff."

Admittedly, DeGeneres, 49, is slightly put out that her partner of more than two years, Portia De Rossi, 34, tends to get more attention for her look at Hollywood events than she does.

"Whenever Portia and I are on the red carpet, they're yelling out for her to tell them what she's wearing," says DeGeneres. "But nobody cares [about what I'm wearing] because I have a suit on, even if it's a Gucci suit. That to me is frustrating, because I put effort into getting ready, too."

As for her look, DeGeneres says, "I also feel myself more of a person than a gender. When people show me clothing that seems very, very feminine, it's hard for me to embrace that, because it just doesn't feel like me. ... It was fun [for the W cover shoot] having somebody do that to my hair, and do that makeup. But would I want to do that every single day? No."

Something she does look forward to, however, is having children with her partner – once they fine-tune the details. While de Rossi says, "Ellen would carry," DeGeneres has her own idea: "That will never happen."