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Feb. 14, 2007 | 04:00 PM EST

Mark Wahlberg's Wicked Awesome Past

Mark Wahlberg's Wicked Awesome Past | Mark Wahlberg
He's played a porn star, a rock star and fought a planet of apes, but it took playing a part that hit very close to home to get Mark Wahlberg an Oscar nomination. "I was arrested by the Boston police 20-some-odd times and I basically used all that experience," Wahlberg said of his role as Beantown cop Dignam in The Departed. "[To] put it to good use was definitely a blessing." And his hard knock life isn't all he relied on: "Me and [costar] Matt Damon were laughing, you know, we’re both from Boston and both worked as hard as we possibly could to lose the accents, and the best roles that we play, is using Boston accents." Whatta pissah!