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Academy Awards

Feb. 23, 2007 | 06:00 AM EST

Ellen's Not Freaking Out, She Swears!

This year, she's the one wearing the pants. As DeGeneres gets ready to host her very first Oscars (Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC), she revealed to us her hopes and fears for the big night.

No, not at all. I've been joking on my show that I'm nervous, and I think the audience is starting to freak out for me. You can see it in their faces: "Just relax!" But I'm not that scared.

What's your schedule Oscar Day?
I have to be there pretty early, and the night before we have a dress rehearsal till about 11:30 at night.

So, no breakfast in bed or massages that morning?
I'm gonna do that kind of stuff when I can a few days beforehand. And then I'm going to do my live show the next day, and then I'm going to go lay down on an island someplace with an IV in my arm.

Any good luck charm?
No, my good luck charm is my gratitude. Every night I go to sleep and I'm grateful for my life, and I wake up and I feel the same thing. I just accept everything as it is – whatever happens is what I'm supposed to deal with.

Did you watch the Oscars as a kid?
I’m sure I did. My parents were huge fans of Hollywood. We took a trip to Hollywood to see all the sets – I remember going to see where Gilligan’s Island was shot.

Ever make up an imaginary acceptance speech?
I didn’t really have a film career to even start on that road.

What have you learned about the industry from the films you’ve made?
I'm more of an immediate gratification kind of person. I like stand-up, I like doing television, I love this job because it's immediate feedback – I have an audience every day, and I get to do something different. Moviemaking is so specific and so tedious. I don't really have a desire to sit in a trailer and be out of town for three months. I really am a homebody. I like being home, I like a schedule.

What will you wear Sunday?
I'm wearing a beautiful tux. Well, several. I don't know how many times I'm changing, but I have amazing tuxes that have been made for me.

How many?
A lot. I'm sure I'll hurt someone's feelings, because I can't change six times.