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Academy Awards

Feb. 25, 2007 | 05:00 PM EST

Caught in the Act: More Oscar Parties

Photo by: Steve Granitz / WireImag
Caught in the Act: More Oscar Parties | Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo and Bar hit the town! Seacrest gets accosted! Plus more from the pre-Oscar party scene

Leonardo DiCaprio walking into Les Deux hand-in-hand with girlfriend Bar Rafaeli. The two sat on top of their banquette (next to Lauren Conrad's booth) and sipped vodka and cranberry juice cocktails until Kevin Connolly came over to chat them up.

Natalie Portman and Gael Garcia Bernal – looking very much the couple – over dinner at Nishimura in West Hollywood. "She looked happy, like a school girl, when she looked at him," said an onlooker.

Victoria Beckham sipping champagne and giggling with friends at Soho House. At one point Beckham – clad in an all-black outit – showed off pictures of her son Cruz on her Blackberry, exclaiming, "The boys are so cute!"

Michelle Trachtenberg warmly greeting Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane with a big hug at the Soho House. She then chatted with Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart.

Ryan Seacrest being accosted by an overzealous aspiring singer, also at the Soho House. The woman pushed her business card in his hand, squealing, "I can sing!"

Joshua Jackson, first feeding girlfriend Diane Krueger – and then progressing to a makeout session – also at the Soho House.

Catherine Zeta-Jones joking with her No Reservations costar Aaron Eckhart about their lack of cooking skills at the Food Network Awards. "I cannot boil an egg," Zeta-Jones said.

• Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin talking about her date to the Academy Awards – her stuffed Curious George doll! – at the Fox Searchlight Oscar bash.

• A newly single Kerry Washington dancing to T.I.'s "What You Know"] at the IFC's Spirit Award post-party.

Donnie Walhberg, predicting that his brother Mark Wahlberg would win the Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars.