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Feb. 25, 2007 | 08:30 PM EST

Oh No They Didn't: The Hosts' Weirdest Comments

Oscar Pre-Show's Weirdest Moments | Giuliana Rancic, Ryan Seacrest Photo by: Stephen Shugerman / Getty; Nikki Nelson / WENN
You stuck with 'em during the the Golden Globes, the SAG Awards and the Grammys. And tonight, E!'s reporters – Ryan Seacrest, Giuliana DePandi, Jay Manuel and Debbie Matenopoulos rounded out red carpet season with yet another string of oh-my-God-did-they-just-say-that comments. Not to be outdone, Joan Rivers delivered her signature backhanded compliments. Below, the best of the worst:

• Matenopoulos doing her part for women everywhere, proudly proclaiming, "I don't eat!" when asked by DePandi how she stays so thin. The Debster then pulled a tiny red pellet from her mouth and says it's the first thing she's eaten all day.

• During one of Manuel's "glam-istrations" – where he awkwardly draws, John Madden football-commentary style, on pictures of the, um, tender parts of women – wrote on Portia de Rossi's rear and referred to it as a "badonkadonk."

• Looking at Maggie Gyllenhaal's feather-trimmed dress, Rivers asks her, "How many pigeons died for that?"

• He's nominated for an Oscar. There's speculation that he might run for President. Yet what does Seacrest ask Al Gore? If he ever hangs out with Leonardo DiCaprio.

• While talking to a Vera Wang-clad Rachel Weisz, Seacrest notes that the designer is popular on this red carpet, musing, "There's a lot of Wang here tonight."

• Seacrest asking Michael Sheen (who played Tony Blair in The Queen) if there is a "dirty side" to costar Helen Mirren. Poor Sheen didn't escape torture from Rivers, either. Below, the exchange that shames American education:

Rivers: "What do you think about Tony Blair? 'Cause you're English."
Sheen: "Well, Welsh."
Rivers: "I know, but Wales IS in England."
Sheen: "Well, over here it is."

• Rivers staying, er, "abreast" of the situation by telling Tammy Lynn Michaels, "Your breasts look great, so keep nursing."

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