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Feb. 26, 2007 | 02:30 AM EST

The Oscars, Ellen-Style: How Did She Do?

Photo by: Mark J. Terrill / AP
The Oscars, Ellen-Style: How Did She Do? | Ellen DeGeneres
This was Ellen DeGeneres's first year hosting the Oscars (although she did a stellar job helming the Emmys), and there were definite highs and lows. On the plus side, she slipped a screenplay to Martin Scorsese, forced Steven Spielberg to take her picture with Clint Eastwood for her MySpace page and gave rolling papers to the orchestra. In the minus corner? Saying Penélope Cruz was from Mexico (hey, she apologized!) and that bad "recycled jokes" gag. But tell us what you think: Was Ellen a good Oscar host?

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