Pamela Anderson: Snapshot

Pamela Anderson
Date of Birth
July 01, 1967
Birth Place
Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada
Male fans gave hearty applause to a fresh-faced Pamela Anderson when she and her Labatt beer T-shirt were splashed on the JumboTron at a football game in British Columbia. The random moment kickstarted her sexy career as one of Playboy's most successful playmates.

After playing Tim Allen's Tool Time girl in Home Improvement, she garnered worldwide fame with a slow-motion running sequence in a red swimsuit on Baywatch. She went on to marry rocker Tommy Lee, which resulted in a leaked sex tape, two children, Hepatitis C, and a divorce. Anderson moved on, though, with brief marriages to Kid Rock and Rick Saloman, before flaunting her famous curves on Dancing with the Stars in 2010 (and again in 2012). Four years later, Anderson surprised fans when she remarried Saloman, saying the two were giving wedded life another go – however, in July 2014, she announced they were splitting again.

Pamela Anderson: Five Fun Facts

  1. Pamela Anderson has appeared on the cover of Playboy a record 12 times.
  2. As a teen, Pamela Anderson earned the nickname Rubber Band for her gymnastic prowess, according to Maclean's.
  3. Pamela Anderson's mother doesn't mind the Playboy pictures. In 1993, she told PEOPLE, "You see a lot of uglier people with next to nothing on down at the beach."
  4. Pamela Anderson, who meditates regularly, once said the person she'd most like to meet is Indian holy man Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda.
  5. Pamela Anderson learned to swear in Finnish from her grandfather, who was born in Helsinki.

Pamela Anderson: Biography


Pamela Anderson


A Star, Discovered

At a Canadian pro-football game, a cameraman focuses on Anderson, who wins the approval of the crowd. The young blonde wearing a Labatt beer T-shirt also catches the attention of execs at the brewing company, who hire her for commercials. Not long after that, Playboy calls and she lands on the cover.


Pamela Anderson

September 30

TV Debut & Tool Time

Anderson guest stars on Married... with Children. She also has a guest spot on the sitcom Charles in Charge before taking the role of Lisa, Tim Allen's curvaceous Tool Time girl on the sitcom Home Improvement the following year.


Pamela Anderson


Meeting the Hoff

Anderson joins the cast of Baywatch, which includes David Hasslehoff, Yasmine Bleeth and Alexandra Paul, playing flower-child lifeguard C.J. Parker. She becomes a household name. ''I love the dumb blonde image,'' Anderson tells PEOPLE. ''Then I have nothing to live up to. I can only surprise people.''

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Pamela Anderson

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